Instructions of Custom Finished Products Order

Normally, the ‘Neoprene Fabric’ are almost all customized, thus your neoprene need consists of an item we do not currently stock or are out of stock on, we can custom to make your neoprene combination to your exact specifications.

  • Step 1. Please confirm your application of the neoprene fabric you required. Please refer to: Neoprene Material. If you already have sample and can not be exactly be sure the correct material, the best and time&cost-saving way is to send us your sample for an accurate analysis. Also, if you would like to save international shipping cost, we can accept to send to our overseas warehouses which we have in different countries for transfering to China.

  • Step 2. Please consider which neoprene foam is suitable to your neoprene fabric and application, or contact us to have a consulation.

  • Step 3. Please confirm which neoprene surface you need and which fabric you would like to laminate with. Please refer to: Neoprene Fabric Sheet or please contact us to have a consulation.

  • Step 4. Please confirm the color you need and quantity per color. Our MOQ is 10 sheets/color for stock color fabrics and MOQ is 300 sheets for customized dyed color on one side and MOQ is 150 sheets for customized dyed color on both sides. Lead time is 3-7 days for stock fabric lamination and 15-25 days for dyed/customized type fabric lamination.

  • Step 5. Please contact us to have a quotation and process to place the order.

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