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Breathable TPU film fabric is a double-layer fabric that is TPU processing multifunctional characteristics including high tear strength, waterproof, and low moisture transmission. Designed for fabric lamination process. Known for its consistency, extrudes the highest quality, most dependable thermol plastic polyurethane (TPU) and polyester waterproof breathable films in the industry. The versatile and durable TPU-based films and sheet are used for bonding fabric, waterproofing, and air or liquid containment applications. The super thin and hydrophilic TPU films and sheet are ideally suiteofor lamination to fabrics. Designers can create cost-effective waterproof breathable textile compositesin a single film-to-fabric lamination. The material offers outstanding breathability for user comfort. Theprotective textile films and sheet add puncture, abrasion, and chemical resistance to fabrics to which they are bonded.

These fabrics are the ‘offspring’ of traditional hard shell outer layers and the soft fleecy mid layers. Frequently, softshells have an outer fabric that is a little softer and stretchier than a true hard shell that is laminated to a soft inner fabric. In some cases, there may be a microporous membrane between the two layers, but it’s not a requirement.


tpu lamination fabric inflatable neck pillow
tpu lamination fabric adult diaper

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